Mentawai Ebay Playground Surfcamp offers comfortable facilities that will please your surfing dream at a very affordable budget price.The Surfcamp provides basic accommodation in local traditional style bungalows.There is a common pleasurable areas for reading time and also quality fresh meals.The Facilities are simple, they supply all the comfort you need to be in perfect communion with nature conveniently located at the heart of the surf breaks,there are some world quality world class waves just a short walking distance away.Mentawai Ebay Playground Surfcamp is traditional bungalows located right on a beautiful beach Masokut Island. Mentawai Ebay Playground Surfcamp is accommodated maximum 15 peoples and provides a traditional with modern facilities.The ideal Indonesian atmosphere give a unique memorable stay.Designed as traditional house ,five double bunk beds in four rooms, one double and one twin room.the basic room and very clean, with wousquito news over each bed, sheet are changed regularly during your stay, fans every rooms, power jacks are available to charge your electronic, shower, toilets are basic…refgirator for a bintang,surfboard for rent and for sale.




    This is a hallow left that barrels off the take off  with a short wall down the line.A great option when a lot of swell is hitting.A hollow, fast, powerful left.A world class wave for experienced surfer.Watch out for the two rocks on the inside.Great barrels, and turns into a surfing paradise at 6 feet offshore.There is heavy warble and chance are you”ll get a mean aqua blue barrel.The scenery alone will blow away . Besides its aesthetic beauty double overhead .Ebay is a best and force to be reckon with .

    Ability Level :  Advanced 

    Best Sze : 4-8 ft

    Consistency : 5/10

    Hour : 5 minutes walking


    Very consistance world class waveband extremely ripple.This spot is lots of fun and probably one of the easiest wave to surf in the region.Its the deepest and safest waves and also pick up a bit more swell than other locals.5 more breaks including Ebay and Pitstop.Nestled inside a small bay with one of the most scenic views imaginable all around.

    Ability Level :Begginer,Intermediate

    Best Size : 3-6 ft

    Consistency : 3/10

    Hour : 10 minutes walking


    A shorter right, the breaks down the point from bank vaults,definately fun and ripple.Ususally has fairly deep water the point from the take off to the inside.Ends in a riptide that sucks all the water back out to sea.A good option when there is no much swell and usually the most constant spot in the area

    Ability Level :Begginer-Intermediate

    Best Size :

    Consistency :

    Hour : 1 hour walking


    This the right off the peak at E-Bay .Aplayfull right that can offer some cover-ups off the take off, but most a high performance wave with air sections at the ends.nds in sandy channels

    Ability Level : Intermediate

    Best Size : 2-4 ft

    Consistency : 6/10

    Hours : 10 minute walking


    Is a thick, barrelling right punctuated by shifting line up.Sets seemingly emerge out of nowhere and can wreak havoc if you are caught out of position.The ideal size to surf it is head - high to triple overhead.in any swell size, getting caught inside is certainly .Despite the dangers, snag clean ,opem barrels here and you will be taking about it for years.

    Ability Level : Advanced 

    Best Size : 4-10 ft

    Consistency : 6/10

    Hours : 30 minutes walking



    It is a sort ,playfull right-hander,swells that break here wrap considerably around the south end of the island and break over a relatively shallow reef.If you are fast you can take off deep and try to float the first section where most peoples take off, otherwise its strictly a one or two turn wave.ironically,despite its relatively tame appeal,4bobs is a perennial favourite to almost every person who surf it and is one of the most consistent and fun waves

    Ability Level : Intermediate

    Best Size  :3-5 ft

    Consistency :8/10

    Hours : 30 - 45 minute by speedboat.


    Is one of the most consistent left in the mentawai Island.Situated in front of an idyllic island its one of the many good waves found in Playground region.There generally two section to surf,The top and the inside.The peaks at the top can be a bit shifty and require a fair amount of paddling around to find the right area  while the inside section is more dependable and offers up a better wall to work with.A frames is easily one of the most popular spots in the Mentawai’s.

    Anility Level : Intermediate

    Best Size : 3-5 ft

    Consistency : 7/10

    Hours : 30 - 45 minutes by speedboat


    Is one of the longest, most perfect,awe-insiring in the world.When it’s breaking properly with a hint of northwest wind you can expect four to six hundred yard right walls with numerous tube sections.Rifles is a violent barrels from start to finish ,sometimes when you think you are coming out another section will throw overland another is you do come out and see it lining up.you have to put the pedal to the metal to make it through the next barrels section.Surfer Magazine dubbed Rifles the 6th best wave in the world

    Ability Level : Advanced

    Best Size :6-8 ft

    Consistency :6/10

    Hours : 30-45 minutes by speedboat


    Is one of the fastest, down the line, left hand barrels in the world.Kandui is and obscenely hollow wave with your only option for survival being tucked inside ,its enormous, gaping jaws.Unless you are comfortable pumping inside the barrel .the best you can hope for is to find the right line, extra front foot pressure, and hold on.Most the waves will simply outrace you however, the thrill of charging through the largest barrel possible is more than worth the effort.if the condition are right you’ll take your share of beatings but chance you will kick out of the best barrel of your life as well.

    Ability Size : 4-8 ft

    Best Size : 5/10

    Hours : 30-45 minutes by speedboat


    Lies smack dab in the middle of playgrounds.it breaks on a direct south swell and fairly straight forward wave for people of all abilities.The wave itself runs almost exactly one hundred yards over a shallow,perpective

    Ability Level : Beginner-Intermediate

    Best Size : 2- 4 ft

    Consistency : 6/10

    Hour 30-45 minute by speedboat


    Is considere a last alternative when everywhere else is flat.Anything bigger than three feet here flattens out into a mush ball, the positive aspect of bugerworld is that there always something to ride here even though its not a premiere wave ,its a fun alternative when everywhere else is not breaking.

    Ability Level : Intermediate

    Best Size : 2- 3 ft

    Consistency 4/10

    Hours : 30 -45 by speedboat


    Is an occasionally heavy left near the playgrounds region that is frequently visited.in the last few years it has been one of the “go to “waves because its a lot more consistent the there world class waves in the area and can handle ripple shoulder.You can really like straight south.Hideways has ability to be a sick cavern or offer up ripple shoulder.You can really surf it on medium high tide, at low tide its stick out of the the water and unless you like reef cuts stay away.

    Ability Level : Intermediate-Advanced

    Best Size : 4-8 ft

    Consistency :8/10


    1.We will greeting you at Padang airport according to your Flight arrival and we take you to the hotel  to get overnight before the ferry leaves in the next morning.



    Tuesday and Saturday at 7 am


    Tuesday and Saturday at 3 pm

    The fast ferry takes 4 to 5 hours

    2.Get ready at 6 am at the love hotel and we take you to ferry

    3.Arrived in Siberut,The staff and speedboat standby waiting for and ready to take you to the camp about an half hour .

    4.Surfing during your period

    5.In the morning at 9 get ready and prepare  as speedboat standby to take you to siberut to catch a ferry to leave to padang at 3 pm…arrived at 6 pm our staff will wait for you and ready to take you to the hotel or airport












    504 USD

    730 USD

    956 USD

    1326 USD

    1774 USD

    2000 USD

    2226 USD

    2404 USD


    1309 USD

    1535 USD

    1761 USD

    2131 USD

    2579 USD 

    3510 USD

    3836 USD

    4818 USD


    552 USD

    826 USD

    1100 USD

    1518 USD

    2014 USD

    2288 USD

    2562 USD

    2788 USD


    1587 USD

    1861 USD

    2135 USD

    2535 USD

    3049 USD

    4358 USD

    4632 USD

    5658 USD


    696 USD

    1114 USD

    1532 USD

    2094 USD

    2734 USD

    3152 USD

    3570 USD

    3940 USD


    2421 USD

    2839 USD

    3257 USD

    3819 USD

    4459 USD

    6602 USD

    7020 USD

    8190 USD


    1.Transport return airport

    2.Ferry tickets return.

    3. Meals 3 times a day

    4.Speedboat transfer return

    5.Surfing walking distance


    1.Personal Expansess in Padang Such hotel ( we reckomanded your hotel )

    2.Surfboard Charges on the ferry ( Over baggages ) ( 1 to 15 kg = 22 usd  more will be double)

    3.Mentawai Retribution ( 80 USD per person for 1 to 15 days surf in Mentawai )

    4.Speedboat Surfing to long distance  

    5.Travel Insurance


    1.Transport return airport

    2.Ferry tickets return.

    3.Meals 3 times a day

    4.Speedboat transfer return

    5.Surfing walking distance

    6.Surfing to long distance by speedboat everyday


    1.Personal Expansess in Padang Such hotel ( we reckomanded your hotel )

    2.Surfboard Charges on the ferry ( Over baggages ) ( 1 to 15 kg = 22 usd  more will be double)

    3.Mentawai Retribution ( 80 USD per person for 1 to 15 days surf in Mentawai ) 

    4.Travel Insurance


    Ruan said...

    What an experience.

    Best waves......we enjoyed Hide Aways so much. Beware of Kandui on a small day....

    The boat we had every day made our trip so worth it.
    Sometimes having sessions where it was only us in the water.

    We organised all the admin with Okta where he booked us in fantastic accommodation in Padang. What a TREAT. omw.

    Then we stayed on the island - with Emanual and his family. The local experience is what differentiate this accommodation of all the others. The people are super friendly! The food was fantastic, sometimes less meat than we are use to in South Africa, but we manage to organise with them for more fish etc. All the logistics was fantastic. We paid upfront so that the surf boat etc is included and that made everything so easy for us compare to other people on the island. They suprised us with a great surf guide from Brazil - Carlez, what a guy!! He took great photos of us also! and the fantastic Captian - Ronaldo!! He organised a massive bondfire also for us that made the trip extra special.

    One tip: Spread positive energy and take ownership if something is bothering you, your trip is in your hands and everyone is supper nice and wants to help where they can.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi, I stayed in ebay surf resort for two and half weeks. Can't recommend it enough, brilliant food, clean rooms and really close to the waves. Super easy to arrange the boat to other waves at a fair price. Can't wait to come stay here again next year.

    Jeremy Brazier said...

    For my brother and I who were wanting to do a last second land camp on a budget, these guys ticked all of our boxes. After speaking to surfers staying at other land camps over the two weeks we were there we found that eBay playground surf camp was not only 3 times cheaper than most places but others who came around to our camp said they really liked how much space we had at our camp compared to theirs as it sounded like a lot of other camps were more cramped and didn't have as much room to spread out.

    Food was great, Manuel's wife would make us delicious home made food everyday and would even pack us lunches to take with us on our day trips when we hired the boat. (they had just finished building a new boat a few days before we left which is much faster and holds 6 people in it which you can take around to all of the surf spots).

    staff were all super friendly and accomodating, would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to stay in a land camp in this area.

    Maecillo said...

    We had a great time on this SurfCamp. Fully recommended:

    - Spot on logistics: transportation & homestay in Padang.
    - Great location: 40mts walking from a beautiful sandy beach & close to local surf spots
    - Good accommodation: super comfortable rooms and amenities
    - Awesome local food: fresh, variety, tasty and GOOD portions for hungry a surfer
    - Beautiful people: great hospitality from Manu, Joseph & family with a smile ALWAYS on their faces!
    - Very secure place
    - Perfect boat to hire for surf trips to other islands: brand new, STABLE and confortable (ask Manu or Joseph for hiring queries)
    - Owned and run by a local indo family: LOVE the idea of supporting local people.
    - You can guarantee that you will get GOOD to EPIC waves around this area

    I would like to give a BIG thanks to all this family who is running this surfcamp! Keep up the good work guys.

    We will be back for sure guys. Hey Joseph; espera hey?