• Mentawai Tribe
  • The Mentawai lifestyle should be of interest to almost every society for it contains elements of hunter -ghatere,animal husbandry and subsistence level settled farming traditions, all of these forms of existence are the roots of every contemporary scociety.However traditional Mentawai communities can not be reduced only to e lens on the yesterday of our modern technological societies, they are also an example a sophisticated socialisation that balances subsistence with unique pattern of family well being, in essence a window on potential tomorrow. Take a trip into the wild and immerse yourself in ancestral practices and traditions.Discover heavy spiritual semi-nomadic hunter - gather people who have chose to continue living their tradition tribal lifestyle. If you can move beyond the perception of the Mentawai as only "primitive " then you may be able tp appreciate a culture whose veneration of the child ,centrally of the healing,and the emphasis placed on a rich web connectivity linking the individual to his or her clan and community, ancestor s of the past and future,aswell as the spirit of creation manifest in the natural cycle of daily life in the rain forest, makes our own lives seem narrow and disconnected . The Mentawai people have lived for centuries on their unique Archipelago of island, now reduced to a few settlements on the southern tip of Siberut Island ,They still have a strong traditional lifestyle though their future is threatened by external force such a longing,introduced diseases, and large scale settlement of non mentawai due to economic and population pressures in other part of Indonesia. Is giving money mere means of easing our western conscience ? Money is an inevitable part of modern life, even for theses tribes, we give them money for experiencing their life, but our aim is to help them use this money to preserve their culture .Heve some chats with your guide along that week's you will be staying in his family and friend's houses, he will help you to understand the situation more deeply
  • Different  options, from 2 to 7 nights trip, your fine; choice depends from the ferry schedules,Let's match them with your dates of arrival and departure from Padang,The longer you stay the lower the rate pernight is, Leave Padang early Morning and reach the island of siberut early afternoon ,your guide waits for you at the harbour, he brings you by local transport  to the local town for shopping food and water,he shall be cooking for you along the journey, then you board a local canoe that brings you an hour and half North  Siberut,you'll be trekking for around an hour  ,depending on the conditional of the trail ,till you reach the UMA where you sleep the first night.Any First and last day is a canoe ride and trek from/to the harbour, on the last day you leave the jungle nearly morning and reach the harbour early afternoon.
  • If you choose  to stay 3 or 4 days then you may hangout only in one UMA,activities such as making poison,exoeriancing using bows and arrows, making buckets,fishingwith the fishing women, cutting wood, making clothes and dressing with,praparing sage,fill your days, one activity per morning ,one per afternoon
  • If you choose to stay 5,6,7 or 8 days, then the more activities you are able to do ,the more also may trek going to other Umas.Evenings are usually dedicated to chat with your host, sharing your respective dinner s,Whatever  is the option you choose, please bear in mind that orgonizing a traditional party, killing of a pig and Shamans dancing celebrating that meal has  and extra cost of around 3.000.000 IDR to be paid directly to your hostess for performing any traditional tattoo,a small tatooo may be charged additional 100.000 IDR
  • The ride by traditional canoe is not by paddling but by using a small motor that obviously requires petrol, a 3 hours go and back ride that significantly increase the final fare.The Fare also includes shopping your food and water ,as well porters for food and water, renting the canoes, your accommodation paid to your host by your guide, fee for any of the local peoples that take part to any of activities, presents such as cigarettes or sweets for your host ,your guide cooking,your guide salary.The ferry tickets go and back are not included ,but we will drop you to the Padang Harbour and pick you up and book it return.
  • Be finally aware that this stay in the jungle can turn to be uncomfortable for our western bodies, especially if it has been raining,Trekking trying to keep your balance on small trunks is tiring if you fall you may sink to your knee in mud, travel as light as possible, trekking shoes are the options rain poncho is highly recommended.Mentawai traditional food is SAGU and BOILED PIG which may not be of such a complement to your rice, veggies,chickens or fish daily menu.Mosquitoes,especially at nightfall are a bit of annoyance, use trousers and long sleeves shirts, even socks .mosquito repellents, your guide has mosquito nets for your mat on the wooden floor may not guarantee you sweet dreams, finally don't forget nights are sometimes cool in the jungle.
  • Impossible to perform such a journey without a guide, you would get lost very easily,local guides will not let you go on your way and shall we recommend you hire a reliable guide







    3 Days 2 Nights

    300 USD

    400 USD

    550 USD

    640 USD

    720 USD

    4 Days 3 Nights

    400 USD

    425 USD

    560 USD

    680 USD

    770 USD

     Days 4 Nights

    450 USD

    500 USD

    640 USD

    730 USD

    810 USD

    6 Days 5 Nights

    450 USD

    510 USD

    700 USD

    770 USD

    850 USD

    7 Days 6 Nights

    450 USD

    550 USD

    730 USD

    800 USD

    900 USD

    8 Days 7 Nights

    450 USD

    600 USD

    775 USD

    850 USD

    950 USD

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    we flew from Bali,we stayed in Padang for couples of days with not ferry depart to mentawais .we contact okra from gohardorgohomesurfadventures gave us some options ,finally we made our trip to playground and we so grateful to be there.having a good surf stay food and nice staff and local peoples .