King Fisher Bay Resort is a gateway to a world of amazing waves,culture,adventure and natural wonder.Let us and our ever helpful and smiling staff show you a truly memorable Mentawai Experience in all its remakable diversity and uniqueness.They you the opportunity to experience a strikingly original part of the world unlike any other destination:ppicture-perfectwaves,a completely unique and fascinating environment with a backdrop of idyllic palm fringed beaches and turquoise waters.The Resort is situated  on the edge of an expansive bay, regularly frequented by stunning, acrobatic kingfisher birds and a vast  array of other wildlife including majestic sea eagles, large flying squirrels and pristine coral reefs teeming with sea life.The breathtaking waves along the Mentawai Island sets the stage for what has become a Mecca for surfers around the world.From the dream location infront of Lence’s Left on the southern tip of Sipora Island,Fatasies of surfing waves on tantalising and seemingly out of reach, can now become a reality.The island also Carters for fishing,snorkling and wide range of activities on land.For the culturally curious, the local village provides a window into the lives of a community with an unfamiliar yet fascinating lifestyle.You can get to know your friendly neighbours and hist by doing in woodcarving or weaving lesson under a palm tree or get involved in the daily volleyball match in the village.If all this sounds like too much activity, feel free to relax in a shaded hammock or vegetables,seafood andmeats,cooked in a variety of styles including Western,Indonesian,Chinese,and barbecues.They consider delicious and plentiful food an integral part of an enjoyable dining experianc to ensure even the most revenous will be satisfied

  • There are three Mentawai -style bungalows are located directly in front of Lence’s Left,Offering close up views of this spectacular wave.The designed of the bungalows combines the best of the local look and feel with the rigour and comfort that most western travellers enjoy.The result is an elegant yet strikingly exotic experience.The resort is designed to accommodate a maximum of 10 guest.


    >AC and fans designed for the ultimate comfort

    >Electrical outlets to plug all devices you may need (220 V).These are Indonesian Plugs

    >Bath and beach Towels are given at the beginning of each trip

    >All beds are provided with Mosquito nets

    >Each Bungalow has maximum privacy thanks to the landscape and distance from each other.

    >Big spacious balcony with every comfortable chairs to enjoy the breathtaking views of the beach and Lances Left.

    >Each Bathroom has a sink, toilet,mirror,shower,shampoo,soap and is completely tiled.

    >Fully Furnished living room are inside the bungalow.


    Lance’s Left is a classic Into-Style wave.The break,Famous for its year-round consistency,Offers supremely long Rides on the best shaped waves in the area.Because of its length, there are several different take off spots,whic means Lanc’s Left rarely feels crowded.The take-off spots also have a relatively low barrier to entry,whic means riders of all levels are able to find their perfect wave.When its 3-ft you can expect good,lined up walls that peel along the break, perfect for hiking your turns.There are also two great barrels sections that turn on when the well direction is right.When it gets bigger, thick  swell lines start stacking up from the deep and roll in to create one of the most breathtaking and enjoyable waves in the Mentawai’s,comparableto Money Trees in G-land,with super steep takeoffs, plenty barrels, and room for pushing your limits on high - intensity speed carve,

    Distance from King Fisher : Right on your doorstep where your bungalow is situated

    Overall Rating : 8/10

    Best Size:3-6ft

    Consistency: 9/10

    Difficulty :5/10Bottom:Coral Reff

    Reef Factor:6/10

    Length of Rider : 100-200 m

    Ability Level : Intermediate-Advanced

    Swell Direction : South/Southwest

    Best Wind :NE,E or SE

    Best Tide : Medium-Hugh

    Video/Photo Acces : Excellent

    Shore Accès : Through the keyhole


    Lanve’s Right is the poster child of Mentawai surfing, offering a wave so consistently perfect, even a machine couldn’t produce something better.At its deepest point along the coral platform lies the office section, sharp takeoff for the expert rider to scoop in, hold their line, and hopefully lunch through to the Main Peak.The wave ends on an infamous inside sections.k.a the Surgeon’s table, where the last barrel section throws over a shallow slab and spits you out into the channel.These three peaks will link only when the size is right, but when it does and you score it, the ride is unforgettable.Lance’s right is mostly  for intermediate to advanced surfers, and works best in 6-8ft of S-SW swell, in either windless conditions, or with a light Westerly,and at least 2 hours of tide

    Distance from KingFisher : 10 minutes by boat around the corner

    Overall Rating:9/10

    Best Size:6-8 ft



    Bottom:Corol Reef

    Reef Factor:7/10

    Length of Ride : 100-150m

    Ability Level : Advanced

    Swell Direction:South/Southwest/West

    Best Wind:W

    Best Tide:Medium

    Video/Photo Acces:Excellent

    Shore Accès :Bybiat or from the beach


    Bintangs Right delivers more fun per meter than most waves you will ever surf.The wave moves in from the deep end and when it hits the reef shelf it jacks up immediately.

    This sudden emergence of the wave initially catches many surfers off guard, but as soon as you figure it outfit turns into a barre fest.Bintangs is a short wave that horseshoes and bends back on itself.The take off doubles up and can be steep, after which you can either pull in or smash the wall coming towards you.When conditions are prime,Bintangs delivers amazing, round barrels and extremely fun,rippable walls.A major advantage of having Bintangs in our area is that on the days when the dreaded. North wind blows out most spots in the Mentawais,Bintangs is offshore and pumping

    Distance from Kingfisher : 5 minutes by boat across the channel

    Overall Rating:7/10

    Best Size:3-4ft


    Difficulty:Coral Reef

    Length of Ride : 50 m

    Ability Level : Beginner-Advanced

    Swell Direction:South/Southwest

    Best Wind:N

    Best Tide:Low

    Video/Photo Acces:by boat


    A short distance up the reef from Lance’s Left,You will find this intense left-hander.It gets really shallow o the low and prefers a bit more water.Due to the shallowness it is normally relatively uncrowded.On a south swell and east wind it is a not stop barrel from the takeoff all the way to the channels where the waves spits you out.Therfore appropriately named, the cobra.

    Distance from Kingfisher : 5 minutes walk up the beach

    Overall  Rating:7/10

    Best Size:4-5ft



    Bottom:Coral Reef

    Reef Factor :8/10

    Length of Ride :50m

    Ability Level: Advanced

    Swell Direction :South

    Best Wind :E

    Best Tide :Medium

    Video/Photo Acces :Good

    Shore Accès:Paddle from the Bech


    With over 10 years experience in the Mentawais,the crew at Kingfisher knows all the nooks and crannies of there region.for example there are certain breaks that rarely attract charter boats as the anchorage is not safe enough, allowing us to score uncrowded waves,At kingfisher resort the goal is get the guest on the best possible waves with the least number of people.secret spots range from fun beach breaks to perfect and heavy reef breaks.there at least spots in the area that regularly surf alone



    > ALL transfers from the airport to the island of kingfisher and back (USD 350 will be charged for the boat transfer Padang-Kingfisher-Padang)

    >Accomodation in luxurious A/c bungalows

    >Three big, delicious meals everyday

    >Drinking water, tea and coffee

    >Desser/choc/fruit every night after dinner

    >All snacks on daily surf excursions

    >Speedboat transfers to all local waves

    >Fishing excursions in the speedboat

    >use of resort facilities(snorkling,fishinggear)

    >wifi internet

    >Surf guides

    >USD3 /day Mentawai government fee for visiting surfers


    >Hotel In Padang

    >Alcoholic and canned beverages

    >Government Mentawai Surfers Tax 1 million(about USD75)

    AVAILABLE at Extra cost

    >Full or half day surf excursion to distant waves(Macaronis,Greenbush,Telescope etc)

    >Cold beer,Cocktails,soft drinks and fresh fruit juices at the bar





    USD 195


    USD 250

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