The Telo Islands are located approximately 250 km’s off the Sumatran coast, nestled between the Nias and Mentawai Island,Just North of the Island Siberut.Monkeys resort is accessed via a short fast ferry ride from the port city of Padang.With the house wave,Monkeys right on doorstep and another 12 waves in close proximity the entire day in the boat hunting waves, it is all at your fingertips.With waves that cater for all abilities we offer the ultimate surf escape.


  • You can expect to wake up to a barista made coffee to your liking and an array of cereals, eggs, toast and fruits.You can enjoy a nice meal for lunch or you may sooner have a simple fresh wrap with chicken or fish with salad.Frshly squeezed juice are available and of course you can purchase alcohol at any time.Dinner is a feast of chicken, beef and vegetable dishes that will make each night a unique dining experiance.


    4 luxury Beach Front  Villas

    >Beach Front Ocean Views

    >King Size Beds ( Twin And Triple Share + Family Option)

    >Private Bathroom And Open-Air Shower

    >Hot Water

    >Air Conditioning and Ceiling Fan


    >Beach Towel

    >Daily Cleaning


    Getting to the waves each day has never been more comfortable.The Monkeys Resort 11m speedboat is powered by 2 x 250 horsepower engines and travels at an average speed pf 25 knots ensuring you get to your destination quickly and smoothly.Monkeys Resort has a smaller boat that use for transit back and forth from Monkeys wjic allows us to have our main boat at your disposal at the break everyday.


    The main attraction of Monkeys Resort is the great surfing you can do in Telo Island region.But there are many more activities for those after surf or the non-surfers.There is great snorkelling  around the reef with some amazing sea life to be seen of the clear days or you could take out one of stand up paddle boards for a calm flat water spin.



    This right-hander can be seen from the resort and caters for all surfers.It’s regarded as one of the most consistent waves in The Telo’s and breaks year round.Monkeys offers a little bit of everything, open faces for multiple turns and airs ( if you have your pilots license),barrel sections at the take-off.a middle shelf offering some stunning chandeliers and a juice bottom section with unlimited options.Best surfed early mornings and late afternoons, it hosts some amazing sunrises and sunsets with picturesque palm and all round amazing surfing experience.

    High Level : 2 to 5 ft

    Right Hander

    Ideal Wind Direction : NW-WNW

    Swell Exposure : SW

    Tides : ALL

    Distance to break : 2 min


    A left-handers paradise. It breaks out the back on a distinct boil and runs down the point over multiple shallow ledges.Get the right wave and all the reefs link up for a lengthy ride.the reefs are shallow which makes for fast sections and the occasional barrel.Be sure to have your wits about you as the Insinde breaks on near dry reef.Fortunately,the reef is flat and forgiving so casualties are a rarity.Bojos picks uo heaps of well sodas long as the wind is favourable, there is always a wave to be ridden.

    Wave Heihht Range :2 to 10 ft

    Left Hander

    Ideal Wind Direction : E-SE

    Swell Exposure : W

    Tides : ALL

    Distance To Break : 15 min


    Catering for advanced surfers seeking a rush, this is a fast right-hand barrel that breaks on a shallow reef.As its name suggests, once you are locked in your options are limited ,either you’re on your way to an early death ,or you will disappear and rise from the pit of a deep grave.If you are lucky enough to score this wave bring a change of underwear, you’ll need it.

     Wave Height Range :3 to 8 ft

    Rights Hander

    Ideal Wind Direction:NW-WNW

    Swell Exposure:W


    Distance To Break:4 min


    New Schools is a short right-hander that packs a punch.When it’s not barreling it offers meaty open-faced sections to slice into.The wave is fickle and works on specific conditions, but that just makes scoring it all the sweeter.

    Wave Height Range:3 to 5 ft

    Right Hander 

    Ideal Wind Direction :N-NW

    Swell Exposure : SW

    Tides : High

    Distance to Breaks :8 min


    A powerful right hander that handles bigger swell,Outer Monkey is a high performance wave that breaks on flat reef framed by square shelf.On the right tide, it delivers round barrels all the way along the reef,otherwise,it stands up tall with wide-open faces.Be sure to have your step-up handy because it handles double overhead and you don’t want to be under gunned.

    Wave Height Range :3 to 8 ft

    Right Hander

    Ideal Wind Direction :N - NW

    Swell Exposure :SW

    Tides : High to Mid

    Distance To Break : 10 min


    White sandy beaches and crystal clear water.Lefts,rights,barrels and turns, when it’s on, it’s world class.The beach is wide and exposed to the elements.Swell Comes out deep water and unloads on shallow sandbanks.its heavy and unforgiving, but get locked into a drainer and you could be in for some quality time with sapphire blue sandy blow-out that will rock your socks,Being so exposed, it picks up heaps of swell so its best surfed on a small swell and northerly wind.

    Wave Height Range : 2 to 6 ft

    Left and Right Hander

    Ideal Wind Direction: NE-E

    Swell Exposure:W

    Tides: ALL

    Distance To Break : 25 min


    A high performance barreling right hander that breaks on a shallow reef.it breaks fast and heavy with a consequence but offers two amazing barrel sections.Off the take off it jacks uo quickly, readying itself for the first barrel bomb.Mid ride it walls up nicely with the opportunity to get in a quick couple of snaps or just ready your self for the second bombing barrel section down the bottom

    Wave Height Range : 3 to 8 ft

    Right Hander

    Ideal Wind Direction:N

    Swell Exposure:W

    Tides :High

    Distance to break 15 min


    Situated in close proximity to Bojos,Bozos Is another left hander with lots to offer.it breaks infront of a reef shelf with a backdrop of coconut trees making it an idyllic set up it is a fickle wave, but for good reason.From the take of it breaks heavy and fast then it slows down to allow for loads of turns on any of its multiple sections.

    Wave Height Range : 2 - 6 ft

    Left Hander 

    Ideal Wind Direction : E - SE

    Swell Exposure : W

    Tides : High to Mid

    Distance To Break : 15 min


    There are plenty of other secrets spots



    >meet and greet in Padang Airport

    >Return Fast Ferry transfer from Padang to Monkeys Resort.Ticket includes 15 kg baggage.Surfboard bags are not included in baggage allowance.This is paid by guest upon checking in at the ferry terminal.

    >All surf transfer are included in your package and will be carried out in the comfort of the super fast speedboats.

    >Three meals per day prepared by the chefs, should you special dietary requirements, please let us know in advanced and more than happy to cater specifically to them.

    >Complimentary fresh fruit ,tea ,coffee,fruit juice and water

    >Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at the fully serviced bar.

    >Use of all equipment and facilities at Mokeys ,Including Fishing,SUP and snorkliling equipment,ping-pong,bluetooth speakers, mag and book library and laundry services

    >Expert knowledge of your western guides who know this place like the back of their hand.


    >The fee are as follows for each  trip and must be paid at the fast ferry  for the surfboard bags and baggage allowance

    0-15 kgs =idr 230.000 rupiah

    16-25kg +idr 460.000 rupiah 

    26+kgs  idr 690.000 rupiah


    >Airlines tickets



    Rates -12 Night Package

    One Person (Surfer) Private Villa

    USD 5200

    Surfer (Twin Share)

    USD 3900

    Non Surfer ( Twin Share )

    USD 1760

    Child 0 -5 yrs

    USD 0

    Child 6 - 11 yrs

    USD 710

    Child 12 -17 yrs

    USD 1335

    Child Surfers 12 - 17 yrs

    USD 1968



    Rates -12 Night Package

    One Person (Surfer) Private Villa

    USD 4848

    Surfer (Twin Share)

    USD 3064

    Non Surfer ( Twin Share )

    USD 1453

    Child 0 -5 yrs

    USD 0

    Child 6 - 11 yrs

    USD 352

    Child 12 -17 yrs

    USD 949

    Child Surfers 12 - 17 yrs

    USD 1265

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