Visa Services ( When the Foreigners will be able entering Indonesia ?)

Currently,The Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulations No.11 of 2020 still applies,whice  prohibits foreigners from entering the Indonesian Territory, The visa service for foreigners  outside Indonesia has not yet  been opened .Visa services are opened only for foreigners who already in Indonesia

FYI,inIndonesia Minister Of Human Rights and Law Regulation(Permenkumham) No.11/2020 concerning Temporary Restriction of foreigner Entering Indonesia.
Until now, the government has not issued any regulation tp remove the restriction of foreigners entering Indonesia,Therefore , isa and telex visa holders offshore cannot enter Indonesia yet.

However,under Permenkuham No 11/2020,there are several exemptions for :
a. Liited permit and permanent Stay Permit Holder
b.Diplomatic Visa and Official Visa Holders
c.Diplomatic Stay Permit and Official Stay Permit Holders
d.Aid personnel and support for medical, food,and humanitarian reasons
e.Conveyance crew and
f.Foreigneirs to work in national strategic Projects

The governments has opened the offshore visa services


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